MEHA Committees

Give yourself the opportunity to serve MEHA at a greater level and contribute to the growth and future success of our organization. Through active participation on a committee, you will have the opportunity to see what goes into making our organization so successful.  Joining a committee will help you build stronger relationships with some of Missouri’s most knowledgeable professionals and will will directly translate into professional and personal development.

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Audit: chair - Nancy Beyer, members- Molly Fox, Lisa Brenneman

*The Audit Committee shall examine and annually audit the accounts of the Treasurer, all other financial accounts of the Association, the accounts of the Missouri Board of Certification and make a full report of the condition of the same at the Annual Business Meeting.

Awards: chair- Ryan Tilley, members- Dr. Michael Fletcher, Ainsley Lackey, Carolyn White, Robert Gilliand and Debbie Dreves

*The Awards Committee shall administer the awards program of the Association. These awards shall include those available from the two national associations. 


Exhibitors: chair- Roxanne sharp, member-Brian Keller 

Hospitality: co-chairs - Casey Elledge and Kyle Schuman, member - Debbie Dreves 

Legislative: chair- Kristi Russell, member- Ryan Tilley

*The Legislative Committee shall do those things necessary to inform the membership of legislative issues affecting the professional status of Sanitarians or the sanitary condition of the State of Missouri.


Necrology and History: chair- Grace Steinke, members- Edith Todd, Karen Hunter 

*The Necrology and History Committee shall recognize deceased members and keep records of events relating to the organization’s meetings.

Past President: chair- Brian Keller, member- Grace Steinke, James O'Donnell

*The Past Presidents Committee role is to advise the President on matters that may have long-term implications on the success of the Association. The committee may be convened anytime the President deems necessary but should convene at least annually the day of the Annual Educational Conference Meeting.

Program and Educational Conference: chair- Deb Sees, Professional Develop and training liaison - Leah Ferris, members- Laura Jahn, Lori Taffner

*The Program and Educational Conference Committee shall provide an interesting and worthwhile program at the meetings of the Association and at the Annual Educational Conference. 


Membership: chair- Nancy Beyer, members- Molly Fox, Allen D, James ODonnell, Nathan Mirdamadi

*The Membership Committee shall recruit additional members for the Association and strive to maintain the active participation and membership of all members.


Bylaws and Resolutions: chair- Brian Keller, members- Kristi Russel, Ryan Tilley

*The Bylaws and Resolutions Committee shall study and make recommendations concerning all proposed changes in these Bylaws and of all

proposed resolutions submitted for adoption by the Association. 


Nominations: chair- Brian Keller

*The Nominations Committee shall, prior to the Annual Business Meeting at the Annual Educational Conference each year, meet and nominate at least one active member to each of the offices of President Elect, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. They shall ascertain that the persons nominated are qualified for nomination as provided in Article III, Sections 1 and 3 and Article IV, Section 9 and will accept the nomination. The committee shall then notify the secretary of the names of the nominees. 


Technology: chair- Kristen Geary, members- Victoria Miller, Patrick Iske 

*The Technology Committee shall be responsible for website management and technological advancement.


Public Relations: chair- Kristen Geary, members- Victoria Miller, Patrick Iske

*The Public Relations Committee shall publicize the activities of the Association and the Profession of the Sanitarian, and this shall include the publishing and distribution of the newsletter to each member on a bi- annual basis.


Special Committee:

Financial: chair - Nancy Beyer, members- Molly Fox, Lisa Brenneman, Debbie Dreves  

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