Fall Training Reminder

Missouri Environmental Health Association's Fall Training that will be held October 3rd- 4th in Kansas City, MO.  Don't miss the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge of emerging public health topics while networking with professionals from throughout the state.

Spaces are limited - REGISTER NOW!  



We’ve been working hard to make sure the fall training provides great speakers & topics. Make sure you don’t miss out and block October 3rd & 4th on your calendars now. In addition to the speakers and training we are also planning a field trip to the Iron District which is a new shipping container food and retail park in North Kansas City. Check them out on Facebook for more details.

A Message from our President



It is my pleasure to announce the Missouri Environmental Health Association has

been selected to receive the 2019 C.B. Shogren Memorial Award from the

International Association for Food Protection. The award consists of a plaque and

$500 honorarium, which I will accept on behalf of our organization at the Annual

Meeting in Louisville, KY this July. The C. B. Shogren Memorial Award is given to

the Affiliate demonstrating exceptional overall achievement in promoting the

mission of the IAFP (“to provide food safety professionals worldwide with a forum

to exchange information on protecting the food supply”).

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for your contribution to making this

organization a success. We have an opportunity to keep the momentum going by

continuing to promote the Missouri Environmental Health Association. In an effort

to connect with more corporate members, we’ve created a LinkedIn account. If

you have a LinkedIn profile, I encourage you to follow MEHA today!


Brandy Sheehan


2019 MEHA Award Winners

2019 MEHA Award Winners

 Wilbur S. Feagan Award - Dan Mittleberg - Lewis, Clark and Knox County

Lifetime Achievement Award - Karen Hunter Krueger - Dunklin County

Environmental Public Health Specialist of the Year – Kristen Geary – Jackson County

Rookie of the Year – Lori Murray – Livingston County

Special Recognition Award – Barb Samson – State of Missouri

President’s Award – Kristen Geary – Jackson County

J.E. Edmondson Scholarship – Nicholas Pham

Hainline Heritage Charitable Foundation Scholarship – Hannah Morrison


Thank you to everyone for your nominations! We received several nominations this year and hope to have more next year.  Keep track of department accomplishments and add your submission next year.

Awards photo.JPG

Pre-Conference Training is a Success!

Do you know the safest place to be if you are called to work a truck wreck on the highway? Here are a few pictures from the Pre-Conference training presented by Ben Arnall with MODOT. If you haven't been to this training you should look into it. MODOT offers TIMS training at no cost. Check out this page for dates. https://www.eventbrite.com/o/missouri-shrp2-training-consor…

We're off to a great start here in Springfield and can't wait to catch up with everyone later today.

NACCHO Workgroups

National Association of City and County Health Officials (NACCHO) is looking for workgroup volunteers. Many of these workgroups take a minimal amount of time and we’d love to see Missouri represented. They have several spots that would be perfect for environmental professionals such as environmental public health, food safety, global climate change, and vector control. Please see the attached file for more details.

Do you have the YAPP app yet?

If you haven’t taken a moment to download this app on your phone, you are missing out. All of our conference information is being loaded on the app as it becomes available. You will be able to get the most current information about the conference, including details on educational sessions, speakers, hospitality events, and more.


#HealthierMO Phase II Announcement

Great news, the HealthierMO initiative can publically announce that they have been awarded funding for Phase II!

What is the transformation initiative?

#HealthierMO – Transforming the Future of Public Health in Missouri is a statewide grassroots initiative to transform the broad public health system into a stronger, more sustainable system that is culturally relevant and responsive to the challenges of Missouri’s diverse communities, ensuring every Missouri resident has the opportunity for a healthier life.

For more information about the #healthiermo initiative please visit http://www.healthiermo.org/

Spring 2019 MEHA Newsletter   

The Spring 2019 MEHA newsletter is here.   


Inside this issue you will find information for the upcoming annual education conference including how to access our new conference app that will put all the information at your fingertips, a tentative schedule, and more.  


The online registration forms are live on our MEHA website and can be found here: 



Also, please think about submitting a nomination for one of several awards that will be given out at the conference.  We've had very few nominations submitted and we know that there are a lot of deserving members out there.  We just need YOU to tell us about them.  


We'll see you in April, 

 Your MEHA Board

Retail Program Standards Blog Series: Meeting All Nine Standards

Congratulations to the Gwinnett, Newton and Rockdale (GNR) County Health Departments in Georgia for meeting all 9 of the Voluntary National Retail Food Program Standards. This is a huge accomplishment. NACCHO has recently posted an article on their blog that may be interesting for any department who is enrolled in the program.

Click on the title and it will take you to this article on the NACCHO website.


A message from our President

On behalf of the Executive Board, I would like to congratulate Karen Hunter-Krueger as she enters a new phase of her life.  Karen is retiring after 28 years of service to not only the people of Dunklin County but to the members of the Missouri Environmental Health Association (MEHA).


In addition to being a trusted friend and colleague, Karen has filled multiple roles in MEHA. She served as the Secretary for many years, filling a role that often goes underappreciated. While serving on the board she has consistently been an advocate for the small health departments reminding us remember “the little guys” and sending the message that MEHA belongs to everyone. Finally, and most importantly she has been a welcoming presence for both new and returning members at conferences and trainings.


Again, I want to congratulate Karen and wish her well as she steps into retirement, thank her for continuing to serve as the MEHA Co- Secretary, and remind her and her husband Mark that they are always welcome members of the MEHA family.

Call for IAFP 2018 Award Nominations

Thursday, October 26, 2017

DES MOINES, Iowa  – The International Association for Food Protection welcomes your nominations for our 2018 Association Awards. Nominate your colleagues for one of the many prestigious awards. We also encourage applications for the IAFP Travel Award for State or Provincial Health or Agricultural Department Employees (North America only) and for the IAFP Travel Award for a Food Safety Professional in a Country with a Developing Economy. And students may apply for a Student Travel Scholarship. Nomination criteria and instructions are available online at:

The awards to be presented are as follows:

Black Pearl Award
Sponsored by F&H Food Equipment Company
Award Showcasing the Black Pearl. Presented in recognition of a company's outstanding commitment to and achievement in corporate excellence in food safety and quality.

Fellow Award
Marble Plaque. Presented to Members who have contributed to IAFP and its Affiliates with distinction over an extended period of time.

Honorary Life Membership Award Plaque and Lifetime Membership in IAFP. Presented to Members for their dedication to the high ideals and objectives of IAFP and for their service to the Association.

Harry Haverland Citation Award
Sponsored by Eurofins
Plaque and $2,500 Honorarium. Presented to an individual for many years of dedication and devotion to the ideals and objectives of IAFP.

Food Safety Innovation Award
Sponsored by Walmart
Plaque and $2,500 Honorarium. Presented to a Member or organization for creating a new idea, practice or product that has had a positive impact on food safety, thus, improving public health  and the quality of life.

International Leadership Award
Sponsored by Cargill, Inc.
Plaque, $2,000 Honorarium and reimbursement to attend IAFP 2018. Presented to an individual for dedication to the high ideals and objectives of IAFP and for promotion of the mission of the Association in countries outside of the United States and Canada.

GMA Food Safety Award
Sponsored by Grocery Manufacturers Association
Plaque and $2,000 Honorarium. This Award alternates between individuals and groups or organizations. In 2018, the award will be presented to an individual for a highly significant food safety development or in recognition of a long history of outstanding contributions to food safety.

Frozen Food Foundation Freezing Research Award
Sponsored by the Frozen Food Foundation
Plaque and $2,000 Honorarium. Presented to an individual, group or organization for preeminence and outstanding contributions in research that impacts food safety attributes of freezing.

Maurice Weber Laboratorian Award
Sponsored by Weber Scientific
Plaque and $2,000 Honorarium. Presented to an individual for outstanding contributions in the laboratory, recognizing a commitment to the development of innovative and practical analytical approaches in support of food safety.

Larry Beuchat Young Researcher Award
Sponsored by bioMérieux, Inc.
Plaque and $2,000 Honorarium. Presented to a young researcher who has shown outstanding ability and professional promise in the early years of their career.

Ewen C.D. Todd Control of Foodborne Illness Award
Sponsored by Marler Clark Attorneys at Law
Plaque and $1,500 Honorarium. Presented to an individual for dedicated and exceptional contributions to the reduction of risks to foodborne illness.

Sanitarian Award
Sponsored by Ecolab Inc.
Plaque and $1,500 Honorarium. Presented to an individual for dedicated and exceptional service to the profession of the Sanitarian, serving the public and the food industry.

Elmer Marth Educator Award
Sponsored by Nelson-Jameson, Inc.
Plaque and $1,500 Honorarium. Presented to an individual for dedicated and exceptional contributions to the profession of the educator.

Harold Barnum Industry Award
Sponsored by NSF International
Plaque and $1,500 Honorarium. Presented to an individual for dedicated and exceptional service to IAFP, the public and the food industry.

Travel Award for State or Provincial Health or Agricultural Department Employees
Sponsored by the IAFP Foundation
Provides travel funds for state or provincial health or agricultural department employees (epidemiologists, food and molecular microbiologists, and environmental health specialists) working in North America to attend the Annual Meeting of the International Association for Food Protection and to encourage participation in association activities.

Travel Award for a Food Safety Professional in a Country with a Developing Economy
Sponsored by the IAFP Foundation
Provides travel funds for food safety professionals working full-time in the field of food safety in a country with a developing economy to attend the Annual Meeting of the International Association for Food Protection. Related professions may include positions in the fields of research, education, industry, government service or in the private sector.

Student Travel Scholarship
Sponsored by the IAFP Foundation
Provides travel funding for full-time students to attend the Annual Meeting of the International Association for Food Protection and to encourage developing scientists to participate in association activities. Scholarships will be awarded to students enrolled in a college or university food safety-related degree program.

Samuel J. Crumbine Consumer Protection Award Presented annually to local environmental health jurisdictions for excellence and continual improvement in a comprehensive program of food protection at the local level.

You may make multiple nominations. All award nominations and applications (other than the Black Pearl Award) must be submitted electronically as instructed on the IAFP website by Tuesday,
February 20, 2018. You need not be an IAFP Member to nominate a deserving professional or colleague or submit an application for the Travel Award to attend the IAFP Annual Meeting. IAFP Student Members are invited to submit their application for the Student Travel Scholarship award to attend the IAFP Annual Meeting.

Questions regarding award nominations submission should be directed to Susan Smith at ssmith@foodprotection.org or call + 1 515.276.3344; + 1 800.369.6337.

Get Involved

Give yourself the opportunity to serve MEHA at a greater level and contribute to the growth and future success of our organization. Through active participation on a committee, you will have the opportunity to see what goes into making our organization so successful.  Joining a committee will help you build stronger relationships with some of Missouri’s most knowledgeable professionals and will will directly translate into professional and personal development.

Join a committee today!

Contact mehamissouri@gmail.com to get connected.

Professional Development and Training Liaison— Chair: Ryan Tilley


Program Committee— Chair: Brandy Sheehan/Ryan Tilley


Hospitality Committee– Chair: Edith Todd

Members: Kyle Schuman, Casey Elledge, Amanda Burch

Registration Committee— Chair: Nancy Beyer

Members: Molly Fox

Exhibitors Committee— Chair: Roxanne Sharp

Members: Deb Sees

Awards Committee— Chair: Stacie Duitsman

Members: Dr. Michael Fletcher, Ainsley Lackey, Rob Gilliland,, Casey Elledge, Amanda Burch

Past President Committee— Chair: Roxanne Sharp

Members: James O’Donnell, Grace Steinke

Necrology and History Committee— Chair: Grace Steinke

Members: Edith Todd

Communication Committee— Chair: Kristen Geary

Members: Kristi Ressell

Membership Committee— Chair: Nancy Beyer

Members: Molly Fox, Public Health– Allen D, Corporate—James O’Donnell

Nominations Committee— Chair: Roxanne Sharp


Audit Committee— Chair: Nancy Beyer


Bylaws and Resolutions Committee— Chair: Roxanne Sharp/Stacie Duitsman

Members: Steve Crawford, Kristi Ressell

Legislative Committee— defer to Healthier Mo initiative

Please Join Us

Have you been thinking about helping to plan our conferences or joining the board? Have you thought about volunteering to work during the conference or do you have suggestions on speakers? We’d love for you to join us by phone for the board meeting scheduled for 11am tomorrow, that’s right, tomorrow morning. If you have the time or inclination we’d welcome anyone to join in on the conference call and offer your ideas &/or help.

Here is what you need to know:

Dial-in Number: 1-712-770-8002 
Conference Code: 615278 

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller