Memorial - Wilbur S. Feagan

Mr. Feagan has always been a major contributor for the Missouri Milk Food and Environmental Health Association, and the International Association for Food Protection. He was always an active member of our organization and an award in his name was created to recognize the front line sanitarians in the state of Missouri that carry out the day to day duties of environmental health, education and disease prevention. When this award was created he requested only three criteria for this award - the recipient must be a current member of the association, the recipient must spend at least 50% of his or her time in field activities, and the recipient must show outstanding efforts. The award comes with a supported honorarium and a handsome plaque. The wording on the plaque were his sentiments at the Executive Board meeting when the award was finalized: "GIVEN IN RECOGNITION OF THE OUTSTANDING EFFORTS OF A REGULATORY FIELD SANITARIAN TO PROMOTE SAFETY AND QUALITY IN THE FOOD PROCESSION CHAIN AND ENVIRONMENT; AND BRINGING ABOUT A MORE COMFORTABLE COOPERATIVE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE PRODUCER, PROCESSOR, AND THE CONSUMER".

In the past Mr. Feagan has attended our MMFEHA Annual Education Conference and presented the plaque and honorarium at the awards banquet. He always made it a point to meet the recipient and get to know them. When presenting the award to them he would speak of their work with high regard and extended to them his own sense of gratitude for the work they did.

Mr. Feagan also funded an industry award, the Black Pearl award, which is given yearly at the International Association of Food Protection Conference. One of our associations member agencies, Schnucks Supermarkets, and its food safety team received this award in 2009.

Mr. Feagan received the Missouri Milk, Food and Environmental Health Association's Lifetime Achievement Award in 1999 for his contributions to this association, to IAFP and to the field of public health. Mr. Feagan will be sadly missed and the association extends its condolences to Mr. Feagan's friends and family.

Wilbur S. Feagan