Board of Certification

The Missouri Board of Registration was formed to facilitate testing and certification of environmental health professionals in Missouri. The board has adopted certification requirements for environmental health professionals working in Missouri and oversees Missouri Certification testing and testing for National Environmental Health Association certifications such as NEHA's REHS.

Missouri Board of Certification is sponsored by MEHA. 

Missouri Board of Certification oversees the testing conducted at both the Annual Education Conferences that are held here in Missouri. They maintain and provide training materials to aid in Certification.

Article IX of the MEHA bylaws the Board of Certification require that three members of its board be members of Missouri Milk Food and Environmental Health Association and two members be of Missouri Environmental Health Association.

The certification board is required to provide an annual report of its activities to the membership of MEHA at the Annual Education Conference Business Meeting.

Changes to the board of certifications procedure manual are made with the recommendation of the certification board and with the approval of the MEHA Executive Board.

Download the Board of Certification Procedures.